Backpacking into Darkness

In May 2017 Natalie was told

by her doctor that there was nothing else they could do to save her vision and what little sight remained would be lost within a year.

She was just 29.

Within days of the diagnosis Natalie and her wife Darcie left their jobs, packed up their lives and embarked on a backpacking trip to see the world, whilst she could still see.

This is the thrilling, utterly hilarious and almost unbelievable account of a year backpacking around some of the most unusual places on the planet.  From Outer Mongolia to North Korea and everywhere in-between.

Two lesbians, one almost blind, the other transgender, on a shoestring budget - getting into some absolutely crazy situations.

This book is anything but sad...

Upcoming books:

I am currently working on the next volume where we face the most amazing and absurd experiences you could wish for/dread!

Follow our new adventures in India where we almost got kidnapped and killed by a psychotic Taliban-loving taxi driver in Kashmir, nearly die on a speedboat in Laos, nearly die in a jungle tree house in Laos and see the beauty and insanity of Vietnam and Myanmar where we nearly die.

We stay in Cambodia in a hotel with a missing wall and roof and then to Morocco which was so traumatising that I can't bring myself to start writing it!

Then I had minor surgery and ended up with necrosis, nearly losing my nose and becoming disfigured.

Natalie's eyes take a turn for the worse and then something unbelievable happens.

All in all, it'll make for one hell of a read.

So stay tuned or drop me a message and encourage me to get on and write it!

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