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About me....

Darcie Silver is a comedian based in the UK. She has written comedy for as long as she remembers. From sitcoms in her teens which were so bad they were good…. and then bad again, to a book to stand up.


Darcie is a transgender woman and has known she was in the wrong body since she was three year old. This among other things gave her a troubled youth in which her only escapism was locking herself away and writing comedy. Lacking any confidence and self esteem she never planned to perform and was happy just to write but then a comment in 2018 got her thinking. "My wife Natalie came up to me and said if I never even tried performing I'd always look back and think what if?" So in June 2018 she booked herself a spot at a local gig. Darcie can't remember much about the gig because although she doesn't drink alcohol she was so nervous that she got horrendously drunk and had a hangover that lasted for a week. "I thought I was going to die" Darcie states. "I got a lift home after the gig but then 3 days later when I stopped throwing up I went to find the car I couldn't remember where I parked. It took me a week to find it" 

Although she can't remember that first gig, also performing on the night was no other that Tony Slattery from Who's Line is it Anyway. "He got in touch a few days later and was so complementary about my material and performance that it really inspired me to do another gig.  So three weeks later and just about over my hangover I had my second gig. Sober, terrified and shaking with fear I took to the stage. I stared out into the bright stage lights, grabbed the mic and instantly knew that's where I belonged". 

Darcie is Married to Natalie and they live together in London. 

LGBTQ  Comedian Of The Year finalist
Southport Comedian Of the year Finalist

"Darcie could be just hat comedy needs" - The Scotsman
"Very Funny Stuff" - Russell Kane
"Very Talented Joke Writer" - Gary Delaney